From good to great - 5 secrets every pastor must know about church lighting

Author: Prestige LED Lighting   Date Posted:27 February 2014 

21st Century Church

Lighting has become an essential element of a 21st Century church experience. With the latest in LED lighting, your worship space can be transformed.
The reason why modern churches like Hillsong and others make investments in lighting is because it works! Done correctly, it enables a more emotive, immersive worship experience.
Here are 5 things to know:
1. Lighting controls atmosphere
2. Lighting determines focus
3. Lighting takes a worship experience from good to great
4. Lighting affects emotion through colour
5. Lighting is a must have investment for 21st century churches
Consider this: A $10,000 lighting package priced out over 5 years is $2,000 a year... Or less than $50 a week.
Allow Prestige LED Lighting to take your worship space from good to great!

*Photo is of a church fitted out with Prestige LED Lighting

Date Posted: 27 February 2014  

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