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We have put together a very innovative package to control LED lights from your iPad (ipad not included). Luminaire is suitable for Architectural, Residential, and Commercial Lighting purposes - we do not recommend this for live stage applications.

We have put together a very innovative package to control LED lights from your iPad (ipad not included). Luminaire is suitable for Architectural, Residential, and Commercial Lighting purposes - we do not recommend this for live stage applications. For live stage, studio, and venue lighting, we suggest our Titan One PC Suite. Luminaire is a free app you download to a Mac, and a paid app for an iPad. You need both apps to use it. Enttec is an Australian made DMX USB Pro MK2. 

What you get:
This price covers only the Enttec device. You must factor in the cost of the App which at time of writing is $130. We have intentionally not included an Ipad to keep costs down as most users will already have an Ipad. The app for the Mac is free. The only other cost is for the Ipad App.

What you need:
You will need an Ipad, of which you can use an existing Ipad you already own or purchase a new one from Apple.
You will also need to download the Luminare app to your Mac and Ipad. The Mac app is free. The Ipad app is about $130.

How it works:
The DMX from your lights plugs into your Enttec device.
The Enttec devise plugs into your router.
You download the Luminair app to your Mac. From here you design your light show.
You download the Luminair app to your Ipad (paid). From here you wirelessly control your light show.

The Enttec website is here:
The Luminaire app for Mac is available here:

Creative mobile lighting control. Evolved.
Luminair for iPad v2 is the ultimate lighting control tool for live entertainment, film/tv production, architecture, and for anyone else who works with creative lighting. It goes where no other lighting controller can go, offering wireless connectivity on the best mobile computing device ever created. 

Luminair is a full-featured lighting control platform, capable of controlling all DMX compliant gear including LED fixtures, conventional lighting, dimmers, media servers, and more, using any Art-Net or sACN to DMX interface.  Watch the v2 video
Projects   NEW 
Luminair's new project system periodically saves your files in the background, so you never have to manually save again. The new interactive project manager shows you a preview image of all of your files. Tap the image and your project zooms-in, exactly where you left off.

Luminair for iPad now supports saving projects to iCloud, so you can seamlessly sync your files between multiple iPad devices. Fixtures, images, midi maps, and other documents are also now synced through iCloud. 
Wireless Magic 
Wireless connectivity allows you to be unchained from your gear. Luminair is built on top of open industry standards, and transmits DMX over Wi-Fi using Art-Net and/or sACN E1.31 protocols, making it's compatible out of the box with lots of existing DMX interfaces and other lighting gear.
Multi-touch controls   NEW 
Luminair for iPad has a brilliant and refined user-Interface, with powerful touch-optimized controls for working with individual channels, as well as multi-channel fixture profiles. Some of the highlights include wide fader controls, large trigger buttons, RGB and CMY color pickers, XY controls with accelerometer support, and easy touch-based channel assignment. v2 adds new layer-based scene merging and the ability to assign any track fader as a master, independent of any scene changes.
Stacks Playback 
Luminair offers continuous automated show playback with Stacks, a scene-list playback system designed to make it very easy to put together shows for a wide variety of uses, in a really quick and familiar manner.

Creating looks and playing back shows is as simple a creating an iTunes playlist. Scenes are added to a stack, and each have their own individual hold and fade time. Create multiple stacks, apply batch timing to individual stacks, and choose one of five modes for playing back scenes. Seamlessly transition between hundreds of looks with a single fader control, by mapping an external MIDI controller to a Stack's current playback position.
CoverFlow + gestures   NEW
Luminair offers an innovative way of assigning pictures and images as visual references. Users can use the iPad's built-in photo library, the built-in iPad cameras, or Luminair's internal web server to assign images. A full-screen CoverFlow view makes it easy for users to browse and trigger scenes in a completely visual manner. 

Use your iPad as a touchpad for navigating and triggering different lighting scenes, using simple multi-touch gestures.  Watch the video
Sharing   NEW 
New sharing options have been completely integrated into Luminair. Send project, fixture files and images via email, and your recipient can open the files directly through their own iPad's mail app. Luminair will walk the user through opening project files or adding new fixture files, so sharing your designs has never been easier. 

Luminair also adds support for the iOS Twitter API, so you can quickly "tweet" images of your designs without leaving the app. 

MIDI Input 
Luminair supports MIDI input for various controls and actions. This allows you to map faders, knobs and buttons to trigger scene changes, change fader levels, playback and more. CoreMIDI support means you can use most bus-powered MIDI interfaces and controllers. 

OSC Input 
Luminair also supports OSC (Open Sound Control) input for a variety of controls, actions, and commands.

Use apps like TouchOSC on iOS, or OSCulator on Mac OS X combined with remotes and sensors like a Wii-mote.
MIDI Show Control   (In-App Purchase) 
Control Luminair from any external MIDI Show Control source, using MIDI over Wi-Fi, iPad Camera Connection Kit, or MIDI Mobilizer.

Create complex scene lists and execute other app commands, from the comfort of a traditional computer based control system.
AirPlay Monitor   NEW 
Luminair can now display both output and input DMX signals on a HDTV or projector, wirelessly via AirPlay to an Apple TV, or through the dock connector via HDMI, VGA, component or composite cable. 

Undo Support   NEW
Ever wish you could just undo that last color change? Well now you can… Undo support has been added for many actions throughout the app. 

Other key features: 
  • 1 DMX output universe
  • 1 DMX input universe (Art-Net only)
  • Supports both Art-Net and sACN E1.31(output) protocols
  • Art-Net node detection and unicasting support
  • Optimized for multi-core CPU
  • User configurable UI
  • Optimized for portrait and landscape UI orientations
  • Fader range remapping
  • Merge multiple scenes into different looks   NEW
  • Designate any track as master   NEW
  • Group multiplier and master controls   NEW
  • Live keypad entry for track values
  • Master Blackout control
  • Individual Blackout control
  • Individual Solo control
  • Low-power modes to conserve battery life
  • Project and fixture search
  • Cut/Copy/Paste support
  • Ships with a building-block preset library for popular fixtures

System Requirements: 
  • iPad (any gen) running iOS 5+
  • Art-Net or sACN E1.31 compatible DMX interface or Media Server
  • Wi-Fi router or access point
File Management 
Fixtures and projects can be saved and restored at any time, making Luminair an indispensable tool for configuring your lighting network. A built-in file manager makes this a simple process. Build fixture presets right on the device. Open project, fixture, and PDF files emailed directly to your iPad. 

Input analyzing & recording 
Luminair's Art-Net input universe allows DMX data to be displayed in realtime. Luminair also offers the capability of recording snapshots from the Art-Net input universe, directly to individual scenes. Useful for show backup, or for transferring looks from a full-size console. 

File Transfers 
The built-in HTTP web server allows file transfers back and forth between your computer and multiple devices. Use any standard web browser on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Mac users can also useLCompanion

LCompanion is a free Mac OS X app that allows you to both build Luminair fixture files, and transfer project, fixture, and image files between your devices(s) and Mac computer. It also allows you to receive Art-Net from Luminair, and send DMX out to an Enttec DMX USB Pro interface. More Info... 

Luminair uses "in-app" settings, allowing you to set a variety of global options without having to go into system settings. 

In-App Shop 
Luminair has an In-App Shop, where In-App purchases can be made to upgrade the functionality of Luminair. From time to time, special offers may be available to Luminair users. 

DMX Interfaces 
Luminair is compatible withEnttec's ODEinterfaces, plus every other Art-Net and sACN E1.31 to DMX interface on the market. Also works with Enttec Open DMX USB and DMX USB Pro when connected toLCompanion on Mac OS X.

Manufacturers of other compatible gear include:

Artistic LicenceBarco/HESEnttec,ELCEquipsonLuminexMA LightingETCSand Systems,DMXking and many more... 

Energy Efficient 
Easily one of the most energy efficient lighting consoles ever. Luminair gives users up to 10 hours of internal battery playback, and will run indefinitely when plugged into a dock or other USB power source. 

PDF Support 
Luminair for iPad can open PDF files right inside the app. Now you can carry along and have quick access to user manuals, paperwork, and other technical documents without leaving the app. Just drag your documents into the app file sharing tab in iTunes and sync. 

WYSIWYG Support 
Transfer PDF paperwork, POV (point of view) images and data directly over Wi-Fi from Cast Software's WYSIWYG R26 or greater. Browse and trigger scenes automatically created from your WYSIWYG info. Just use the "Upload to Luminair..." function in WYSIWYG. 

PDF User Manual 
Luminair has a 50-page PDF user manual, built right into the app for easy full-screen reference. 


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