Next generation fixture - LED Moving Head +Beam + Matrix technology all in one light! 8pcs High power 8w RGBW 4 in 1 LED,DMX Channels: 5, 9, 10, 13,17, 21, 33, 37CH

Aura M8 Matrix LED Moving Beam

SKU: AuraM8_LED_Moving_Beam
  • A llight fixture that is simply stunning. Full movement, light by light matrix control, and brith LEDs! The LED Matrix Moving Bar Light is encased in a tensile aluminum shell, and has hydrodynamic design which is simple to install. The device features a quick release locking hanger, and does not require a fan. It’s high power 4-in-1 LEDs (made up of R, G, B, W LEDs) have a long life expectancy, low power consumption, good colour mixing effect ability and high brightness, and can each be independently dimmed and controlled. The light also includes built in programs such as dimming, strobe, gradual change and fading. An international standard DMX 512 signal is recommended for best results.

    • High quality 8W LEDs: low power consumption, good brightness, stable capability and long life span
    • Each coloured LED equipped with 256 dimming. The RGB can make over 16.7 million different colour combinations.
    • Dim: 0%-100% (Strobe, gradual change, jumping change etc.)
    • DMX512 Controller, 4 button set DMX ID address with led display
    • Uses a switching power supply to protect the LED
    • 10 and 38CH DMX control channel options
    • DMX512, 8pcs LEDS can be controlled separately