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Benefits of LED

Author: Prestige LED Lighting  



What are the benefits of LED stage lights?

LED stage lights represent the very latest in technology and innovation. And now through Prestige they are available at a very affordable price point.
1.Highly energy efficient
LED lights use a fraction of the energy of conventional stage lighting. This makes them much cheaper to use as it saves on electricity. In addition, it also means that LEDs are the perfect solution in small venues as many LED stage lights can be plugged in to one standard power point.
2.No need to replace lamps
Most LED lights are rated for over 100,000 hours of use without the need to ever replace a lamp! This not only saves in ongoing cost, but it also mean less maintenance.
3.Low heat radiation.
LED lights emit very low amounts of heat. Unlike old conventional stage lights that burn at 1000 watts or more, LEDs are low wattage. The benefits of low heat emission include increased safety, cooler venues, and the superior comfort for those on stage or in front of the lights.
4.Rich colour
Unlike conventional lights that use a colour filter, Prestige LED lights can display all three primary colours of Red, Green, Blue, and an almost endless mix of these colours to create stunning colours from a single fixture.
5.High brightness
LED lights are now super bright. This brightness makes for stunning and dramatic colours and stage effects. It also means LED lights can be installed as house lighting in large venues, and be used as theatre lights for productions.
6.Vast array of effects and gobos
LED moving lights have the option of many different features. These include dazzling gobos, moving effects, and much more.
7.No dimmer rack required
If only using LED lights, no dimmer rack is required. This makes LEDs easier to run, more portable, and much more energy efficient. Just plug them via DMX into a controller and they are ready for operation.

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