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Author: Prestige LED Lighting  

Warranty policy

Stage lights are advanced and highly technical instruments. They require installation and operation by professionals. Whilst one can self-install, it is a steep learning curve and may lead to damage of goods.

We are not responsible for problems that are caused due to self-installation, lack of knowledge on how to operate, or improper use. This is especially the case with moving lights and controllers.

Customers need to contact us and first get an approval on the return. If when we receive the faulty good back from the customer, and it is not faulty but rather just not working due to user error, the customer may be charged for the fixture. We operate on low margins and overheads to give our customers the very best price, and that is why correct use and installation is so important.

If the product is faulty within the first 12 months, Prestige LED Lighting will send you a brand new replacement item.

If the item came in a flycase, please retain the fly case and put the faulty unity back in it. Prestige LED Lighting will pay for the shipping costs.
Be sure to contact Prestige LED Lighting at before returning and items.

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