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Frequently Asked Questions

Author: Prestige LED Lighting  



1.1     What kind of lights are available?

LED lights come in many different styles. At Prestige, we specialise in a carefully selected mix of styles that have create the most effective stage displays. Whilst we can source almost any light imaginable, our speciality are the following:
1.LED Par cans
2.LED Moving Wash
3.Moving Beams
4.LED Moving Spots
5.White Fresnel’s

1.2     How do I control my LED lights?

LED stage lights are controlled using the standard DMX512 protocol. The light fixtures are plugged into a controller desk. The controller enables full control over channels, colour, brightness, effects, and themes.
In situations where it is not possible or desirable to use a controller, most LED lights can be used in standalone mode and can be controlled by the LCD display on the light fixture itself.
Prestige LED Lighting Controller desks are the perfect solution to control your lights for either small venues or large productions.

1.3     How do I order for a large venue?

If you are fitting out a large venue and would like a personalised lighting plan and quote done, Prestige LED Lighting is your choice destination. We specialise in custom packages, and with our expertise we can put together the perfect solution for your needs. 

1.5     Do you offer installation?

Yes, we offer installation for an additional price. However, our lights can be self-installed, or a third party installation company used. For installation questions, please click here.

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