• LED lights are widely accepted as the new industry standard. They are energy efficient, bright, and reduce heat output. Now, with the C7 JET HIGHBAY, they 

    also look fantastic and can be used in a wider variety of facilities than other LED highbays. Go for a bold red or blue, or choose one of our classic neutral colours like black or white. 

    Because of the stunning aestheics, brightness of the Philips LM80 technology, and quality of light from a single fixture, the C7 JET can now be used for showrooms, retail, and commercial applications in addition to warehouses, and are available in warm or cool white options.


    These lights are suitable for upgrading your existing lighting or for new installations. With a modern design aesthetic we have blended architectural design with the lighting output of an industrial strength highbay light.


    - Philips SMD3030 LED

    - Amazing efficiency of 130lm/watt

    - Dimmable


    Save on electricity 

    Most highbay lights are Mercury vapour or metal halide lamps of 400W each. If you have lamps like these you can potentially save up to 80% of their energy costs by replacing them with the C7 JET. And they are so much cooler to oppearate - saving on air conditiong costs.


    Save on maintenance costs 

    High ceilings typically mean expensive maintenance work. Consider the total maintenance cost of replacing a single metal halide lamp:

        •    cost of the replacement lamp

        •    electrician’s labour cost

        •    cost of a scissor lift or other equipment to access the light fitting

        •    disruption and lost productivity in the immediate work area.


     LED high bays last around 50,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours for mercury vapour and metal halide lamps.