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Mini LED Par Light, 7leds*15W RGBW 4-in-1 Osram LEDs, Channels:4/5/9/10Chs, Beam Angle: 8º

Glow P7B LED Par Beam

  • The LED Par Glow P7B LED Par Beam, encased in a full plastic shell, has a light source that uses high powered OSRAM 4-in-115W LED lights, each made up of R, G, B, and W LEDs. This fixture has a long life span, low power consumption, good colour mixing effects and high brightness. Each LED can also be independently dimmed and altered. The built-in programs include dimming, strobe, gradual change, fading, gray change etc. settings. It is recommended that an international standard DMX 512 signal is used for best results.  

    • OSRAM 15W LED and 4 in 1 chip technology (R, G, B, W)
    • Each LED color has 16666 dimming, and has 5 different modes of dimming.
    • 4-button MDX address setting and LED display panel with ON/OFF function
    • Liner dimming from 0-100% (including strobe, gradual change, jumping change etc effects)
    • Auto run /master slave/interconnected multi-machine control
    • Uses a switching power supply to protect the LED
    • Lenses angel:45º
    • Optional DMX Channel
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