A specially crafted package that is designed to be installed as house lighting. A total of 18 LED lights and 12 meters of truss. All clamps, cables, and rigging gear is included as a special bonus. Suitable for venues that seat 100 – 300 people.

Transformation House Lights Package

SKU: House_package
  • LED lighting is not just for the stage. In fact, to get the full efffect of LED lighting, and total control over your environment, LED house lighting is crucial. Save money on rising electricity, reduce heat, and add the abliity to dim, colour, brighten, and enhance your atmosphere!

    Take total control over your house lighting with this amazing package. It combines rigging truss, temperature control white LED to get a warm white, and full colour changing LED fixtures to bring dynamic control to any environment.
    6 x Truss 2M Square 300mm 
    6 x Glow P54 Specialty White LED Par 
    12 x Glow P18i LED Par 

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