Finally - a fully functioning moving LED spot! Incredibly bright, smooth, gobos, full colour - add immediate impact and versatility. 150W LED Moving head light, Lamp: 150W white LED. 17/19channels


Vivid S150W Moving Spot

SKU: Vivid_S150W_Moving
  • The Vivid Moving Spot is lightweight, energy-saving and uses a 150W LED light source. Its output luminous flux reaches 6200ml, and it has a 50000-100000 hour life span. The configuration for the fixture includes: 2 gobo wheels, iris, zoom, focus, prism and atomization, and its rotation angle can reach 540° Pan and 270° Tilt. It is recommended that an international standard DMX 512 signal is used for best results, however using both a DMX512 and DMX Ethernet network is optional.

    • 150W high brightness LED
    • 2 gobo wheels, 2 color wheels, iris, zoom, focus, prism and Atomization
    • Complies with DMX512 protocol. Wireless DMX and DMX Ethernet network is optional.
    • The color wheel can reach any position
    • 2 DMX channel modes
    • Multi strobe effect, 5 dimmer modes
    • Sound control, auto run
    • Master-slave mode: no need to set slave manually; the slave will receive data from master automatically
    • The fixture parameter is available for download